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Biotherm has become the brand chosen by young women in search of products in tune with their frame of mind and way of life.

Biotherm products combine Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton™ with pure and natural active ingredients for tailored beauty results. Whatever your skin type, lifestyle, or environment, Biotherm has a solution for you.

This community is for anyone who are users of Biotherm products and wants to share information and reviews, ask questions, get recommendations, and be part of a great skin care & cosmetics community.

This community is maintained by kimoko and is dedicated to all Biotherm users to share tips and tricks on their Biotherm experience. This is also a place for Biotherm Club members to share information about any upcoming events and/or private parties and invitations for club members!

For any enquiries, forward them to biotherm@walla.com
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