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Had a request to post an entry here. So here goes...

2 years ago, i was introduced to Biotherm by a friend. Before that, i was using cheaper brands of skincare, but ever since i was introduced to Biotherm, i was hooked. I do not just stick to a range, but i mixed around using different Biotherm's products which i feel would be suitable for my face.

Right now, i'm using 2 kinds of cleansers, Biotherm's Acnopur for morning and Hydra Detox for night. For toner, it would be Biopur and Acnopur for my moisturizer. I would highly recommend Acnopur range for very oily and pimple prone skin. It actually clears up your pimples fast and your face does not 'oiled' up so easily during the day. I used to have pimples and abit of red blotchy patches on my cheeks, but after using Acnopur, my problem never came back.

I have not tried most of Biotherm's makeup range yet, only their 'Open Eyes' mascara. This mascara i would highly recommend too. I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts, but this mascara does not irritate or smudge easily when applied. It does not clump your lashes too, making it a breeze to apply. Just curl your lashes, apply 2 coats of the mascara and wait for a minute or two for it to dry and off you go. Simple as that. I can't wait to try out their 'Look Intense' mascara and see what is the difference between the two.

That's all for today. Shall update again soon.
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