Kimoko Crushie Masada (kimoko) wrote in biotherm,
Kimoko Crushie Masada


Welcome to this brand new Community. I realized that there are many other communities for other counter brands but not for Biotherm.

Anyway, I am a hardcore, devoted Singaporean Biotherm user. I am one consumer who buys more than she can use. I happened to chance upon a Biotherm sample from a local magazine and have since been using their products.

I would like to share my wonderful experience that I have had with Biotherm to non-Biotherm users and hope to interact with Biotherm users, especially Biotherm Club Members in Singapore. Non-Singaporean Biotherm users are welcome too to share your experience.

I adore Biotherm products so much that I often buy excess products that I have to sell them off at my yahoo! auctions booth. I sell them way below retail price and do not make a profit out of it. My aim is to share what Biotherm has done for me to non-users.

Singaporean Biotherm users, if you are looking for any other products that is not in my yahoo auction booth, do inform me and I might be able to source them for you at about 10-23% off retail price. 

ps: Please note that I am not an employee of Biotherm and definitely do not have a share in Biotherm. The prices that I offer is based solely by myself. I buy the products at Nett Retail Price but I am willing to sell it cheaper than what I have paid for so please do not bargain if I really do happen to have the product for you.

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