Kimoko Crushie Masada (kimoko) wrote in biotherm,
Kimoko Crushie Masada

Matte Soufflé

Powdery Mattifying Mousse Foundation

Wouldn’t it be great if you can indulge in a soufflé a day and not worry about the calories and sugars? Here’s a treat from Biotherm Matte Soufflé.

It’s airy and light, the delectable mousse literally melts into skin upon application. It’s also super easy to use unlike liquid foundation which needs to be set by powder. The finish feels light yet it offers coverage. Plus it lasts up to 8 hours!

A unique, airy and delectable texture, this mousse offers matte, powdery and even results, thanks to a revolutionary formula (Bouncy Complex™’) and an innovative industrial process (Airy Flash™ process).

The light texture of MATTE SOUFFLÉ enables easy, rapid application. In the twinkling of an eye, it melts into the skin and transforms into powder for silky-smooth, powdery and matte finish. Capable of absorbing light and concealing minor imperfections, MATTE SOUFFLÉ gives optimal coverage and long-lasting wear for 8 hours.

Not too sure if its available in other markets but its available in 8 shades that suits most skin tones in Singapore. A 20g tub is retailing for SD$55. It is similar to Loreal's Sheer Cashmere & Maybelline's Wonder Finish.

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