aLy (xosweetestsinxo) wrote in biotherm,

Has anyone tried this it any good?


it is:

Biovitamin Gentle Purifying Cleaning Gel for Young,Normal/ Combination skin.

This purifying gel gently cleanses facial skin and lightly exfoliates with micro-powders in an ultra-gentle, soap-free foam. The skin benefits from all the goodness contained in pure Apple Peel Extract as well as soothing Kiwi Water. Impurities are instantly eliminated from skin surface. Skin is perfectly clean, fresh and soft.


Its only 13.50 too..not bad! Ive recently been obsessed with checking the ingridents thanks to that zerozits site...but on the site it doesnt show the ingridents, is there anywhere I might be able to find them? If not oh well.

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