Kimoko Crushie Masada (kimoko) wrote in biotherm,
Kimoko Crushie Masada

Improved formula Acnopur range

Biotherm has just launched a brand new updated formula of their Acnopur range. It is now known as Acnopur+ which combats acne while purifying skin to eliminate excess oil – main culprits of breakouts. Find out more about this range here.

Furthermore, this new range has a new member! The Acnopur+ Intensive Night Treatment (Tri-Active System) Skin Renewer - Oil Free Gel. It is a non-oily gel that treats intensively to reduce blemishes and the appearance of pores at night, when your cell metabolism is 3 times more active. Skin renewal is immediately observed the next morning. More information about this product can be found here.

The best part of it is that this range is formulated not only for blemish prone skin types but for Ultra-Oily Skin! Its the excellent range of products for ultra shiny skin!

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