Kimoko Crushie Masada (kimoko) wrote in biotherm,
Kimoko Crushie Masada

Hydra-Detox Range

Those using the Hydra-Detox range might not be aware of this but do you know that this range of products works better if its used only once a day and only at night?

The detoxifying cleansing foam is a blue-tinted foaming cleanser enriched with deep-cleansing micro-powders to polish and cleanse skin. It prepares the skin for active detoxifying agents thanks to mild but effective exfoliation owing to the presence of micro-powders (pumice), salicylic acid and AHA. Perfectly cleans but respects the skin thanks to a very mild foaming agent and the inclusion of a moisturizing agent (glycerin).

With its micro beads, it acts like a gentle exfoliator and if you have done your researches, exfoliators are best used at night because your skin repairs itself at night during the time of 1am - 4am. Skin flakes and repairs during that time so its best for the skin to be exfoliated prior bed time. And since the Hydra-Detox range is for detoxifying, it reaps more results when using it at night because of all the pollution your skin faces during the day. It helps removes and detoxifies all dirt and pollution accumulated on the skin surface during the day.

This range is also known as the anti-dullness range and to help reap more results, use the Masque Hydra-Detox at least once a week to help improve the skin's condition.

The Moisturizing Bath / Mask is a blue-tinted cream gel mask with a slightly menthol fragrance to detox skin and bring back radiance. It combines two simultaneous actions:

Ultra-hydration: A real ‘bath of moisturization’, it instantly drenches the skin in active moisturizing agents so that it recovers its suppleness and elasticity.

Detoxification: It neutralizes the epidermal toxins generated naturally by cell life and eliminates interior impurities to give more transparent skin and a fresher complexion.

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